Ps Riaan Engelbrecht's ministry deals primarily with the prophetic, but he also has a passion to teach the Truth of the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom for only the Truth of the Lord sets us free (John 8:32).  Riaan has been writing and teaching since giving his life to the Lord in 2001, and will continue to endeavor to speak the Truth, declare the Truth, defend the Truth and uphold the Truth of the Lord.

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Volumes of work by the author are as follows (for more information visit the Avishua website):


The pursuit of God Series: Bastion of Divine Truth, Way of the Lord Part One and Two, Wisdom of the Lord, Abiding in the Fullness of God, Crossroads to Freedom, Greatness of God, Pursuit of Holiness, Mortification and Abandonment, The Great Commission: A Disciple’s Foundation of Spirit and Truth, Choose Life or Death, The Church is on the Threshing Floor

Perilous Times Series: Vol 1: Overcoming Great Deception, Vol 2: Pitfalls and Dangers, Vol 3: Guarding the Gates, Vol 4: Restoring the Altar in Days of Apostasy, Vol 5: Darkness Descends, Vol 6: Spiritual Struggles over the Ages, Vol 7:  End of Days, God’s Kingdom and the Dragon’s Empire, Vol 8: Destructive Isms of our Age, Vol 9: The Church is on the threshing floor, Vol 10: Destructive Isms of our Age


Holy Spirit Series: The Work and the Person of the Holy Spirit, A Life of Vision, Reality of the Holy Spirit (To Come)


Deliverance Series: Vol 1 Part One and Two: Setting Captives Free and the Spiritual Realm, Vol 2: The Realm of the Soul, Vol 3: Spiritual Warfare

Discipleship Series: Vol 1:  Disciple of God, Vol 2 Part One and Two: Embracing the Kingdom’s Blueprint, Vol 3: The Emmaus Walk with Jesus, Vol 4: Evangelism


Other general works:
The Prophet of God
Collection of Prophetic Thoughts and Teachings
The Will of the Lord
A God of Law and Order 
The Kingdom of God
Devotions Vol 1 and 2
Prophecies Vol 1 Prophecies for the Nations, the Church and the Believer
Prophecies Vol 2 God’s Move of Glory, Deliverance, and Refinement
Quenching the Spirit: Dangers of Cult-like hyper-authoritarian churches