Semper Veritatem. This is the motto of the Lighthouse  Ministries Discipleship Bible School, launched in partnership wit Avishua Ministries. It means 'always the truth'. This is what this internationally accredited school is all about - The Truth, for Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life. We strive to teach and empower only the Truth, not our truth, but the Truth of God. Vertitas vos liberabit means 'the truth shall set you free' in Latin. Yes, only the Truth of God is required, and nothing else. Looking therefore to be equipped and empowered in the Truth, with the Word of God? For Jesus is the Word that became flesh (1 John 1). 

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Purpose and Intention

The purpose and the intention of such study courses and training is for one reason and one reason only – to make disciples. This is in fulfilment of the Great Commission of Matthew 28 to go out and to make disciples.

​Even though the Certificate in Discipleship and the Diploma in Discipleship carries accreditation, our focus remains on making disciples who can practically be mobilised and activated in service to the Kingdom. Thus those who seek the Kingdom and who wish to know more about discipleship. It is thus for one’s benefit, but also to ultimately serve the Lord and His eternal Kingdom.

​After all, the church is saturated with pastors, but there are few disciples. And so the Lord’s words of Matthew 9 rings true in verse 37 that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. And this is a huge problem, for every true follower of the Lord is firstly a son or daughter of the Most High, and then a disciple before he even walks in his or her calling or mandate. Thus every disciple, meaning those who follow the Lord no matter their levels of education or training, is called to be actively involved in the Kingdom, empowered by the inner manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

​Yet, there is more than ever a growing misunderstanding and perception regarding what is true discipleship and how we are all called to be disciples and to make disciples. This means each and every follower of the Lord must be a disciple, and such a disciple must be able to share the Word be it in the form of preaching, teaching or evangelism, and that the disciples must go out and baptize and then also make other disciples. And yes, every disciple is called to lay hands on the sick and the spiritually oppressed. This is about relationship, about following, and about being led completely by the Lord in His Service.

​It should also be noted, that for those who are interested to pursue training in accredited pastoral studies, please remember that being a pastor is a calling, not a job. A pastor is nothing more than an under-shepherd, looking after the flock under the complete guidance of the one and true Shepherd – our Lord Jesus. This calls for great responsibility. As mentioned, no matter your calling, first be a disciple, which is thus the call for all to first know the Lord and how to follow Him.

​Lighthouse Ministries is thus only intending to equip and empower people to be disciples, thus to know what it means to be one and how to walk as a disciple. 

How does the school work?

The school works with the Mentorship Programme.

When it comes to discipleship, programmes can never take precedence over relationship. It has always been the intention of this bible school to equip followers of Jesus to be true and practical disciples in spirit and truth. This can not only be done through theological training. It needs to be done also through constant mentoring of the students, so that students may learn what a true disciple as they continue on their spiritual journey.

​The Mentorship Programme means that every student who signs up for the discipleship school will be assigned to a mentor, who is a person who has walked with God for some time and who knows about discipleship. This mentor will be personally ‘walk’ the journey with the student and will be involved in every aspect of their studies, including marking of assignments and so on. The mentor will be helping the student to spiritually grow into a disciple of the Lord who will then disciple others, and hopefully be led to plant churches (yes, a gathering in your home is also a church).

​We are here to raise up disciples and so the study material is designed to be comprehensive in doctrine, while practical equipping and training will be offered. For those who wish to study further after two years, there will be options available as we run the school in partnership with Revealed Word Bible College that does offer degrees (the mentor will be able to assist).

​TO RECAP: Once a student has been assigned a mentor, the mentor will explain how to obtain study material, to make payment of such material and where to send assignments. The process will be very simple, as there will be options to personally download material easily on a website or to receive material via email. All will be explained by the mentor.

​The revamped school will only be operational from June 1, 2021, even though new students can sign up for so long. All current students will also be assigned mentors to help them as they progress with their studies.  The school will also be shortly offering shorter courses on the prophetic and on deliverance. Watch out for such developments.

​To sign up, get in contact with u by filling in the form on the Contact Us page by clicking HERE

Remember, you study online, at your own pace and time.  So welcome, and be blessed.  Here your journey begins of fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28 in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. 

What makes us unique

In this world today of the digital age, there are many online Bible schools and colleges, offering degrees and certificates. So why choose Lighthouse Ministries Discipleship Bible School?

​This school only focuses on discipleship. The Lord has led us strongly on this path, for more than ever disciples need to be raised up according to the Great Commission, thus disciples who will also be able to fulfil the Great Commission. A lot of the colleges and schools are designed to raise up pastors, which is wonderful and awesome, but the Great Commission clearly expresses we need to make disciples, not pastors. To be a pastor, which is nothing more than under-shepherd to Jesus, is a calling and not a job. If this is how the Lord leads, then become one to His glory, but first, be a disciple.

​And yes, in association with Revealed Word Bible College, this school is accredited.

​Therefore, we believe more than ever followers of Jesus first need to lay the proper foundation of their faith and spiritual walk, therefore what it means to be a child of God and what it means to be a disciple of the Lord. This is important. Before we walk truly and properly in our calling and mandate, we need to first be disciples, and before you are a disciple, you are a son or daughter of the Lord.

​Studies are designed to run in this order for a reason. For as we know what it means to be a disciple led by the Spirit we are then empowered to evangelize, to deliver as the Lord leads and to counsel. Yes, all of these courses is part and parcel of who a disciple is. These are not merely specialized fields of ministry, but fields of ministry that every disciple practices as the Spirit leads and guides.

​Students will also receive additional resources of training for their journey, continuous support in numerous platforms and continuous support even after studies are completed. You will also find an audio series that you can listen to regarding the discipleship, Holy Spirit and deliverance level one courses.  

​And the student management platform is very easy to use as a student. Again, you work at your own pace.

For Lighthouse Ministries, it is thus all about discipleship. It is all about the Kingdom, and to know what the Kingdom is about and how to follow the King of the eternal Kingdom.

Discipleship School Curriculum – Revamped

The Lighthouse Ministries Discipleship Bible School curriculum has been set up with one main purpose – to empower, train and equip followers of Jesus to be true disciples. We are here to practically activate and mobilise disciples to the glory of God and in service of God.

The first year of school, in which you may obtain your certificate, teaches the fundamentals of discipleship, and how a disciple is called to be led by the Holy Spirit to fulfil the Great Commission of Matthew 28.

Once a student signs up for the school, he or she will receive a welcome pack including the brochure of the first-year curriculum and an entry form to be filled in. Also included in the pack is vital information to welcome the student to the school and what the journey ahead entails. This welcome pack will also be issued to current students.

New students will then dive straight into a Practical Ministry Workshop, which will include easy to understand the material to study that has been compiled by Ps Johan Venter of Impact Ministries.  The material will be accompanied by videos that must be watched as part of the study. The student will be assessed following the studies. The workshop is designed to introduce students to why we must be disciples and what is the purpose of discipleship concerning the Great Commission. It lays a critical foundation for students to build on. Once you complete the workshop, you will be excited to continue your journey of becoming a disciple of God!

The second subject in the curriculum is discipleship level one. This teaches the basic principles of discipleship. It will equip and empower you to already be activated for the Kingdom of God. The Great Commission also calls for Evangelism and Deliverance. Even though one might not be called according to your purpose or mandate to be a missionary for the Gospel or deliverance, any disciple must be able to engage in such fields of ministry. Take note, the first year is loaded with study material, but this is done to ensure students who do not wish to progress further with their studies are already well equipped and empowered.

First-year subjects to be studied in order are therefore Practical Ministry Workshop, Discipleship Level One, Evangelism Level One and Deliverance Level One.

The second year, in which you may obtain your diploma, builds on the foundation of discipleship, offering further in-depth study into the discipline of being a disciple. It looks more at who Jesus is, His ministry and the Way, Truth and Life as He presented for us to pursue diligently with passion. The student learns also more about evangelism in terms of missions and also delves deeper into deliverance from a spiritual warfare point of view.

Second-year subjects to be studied are therefore Discipleship Level Two, Evangelism Level Two (Church and Missiology), Deliverance Level Two (Spiritual Warfare), Emmaus Walk with Jesus and the Way of the Lord.

For more information on the school, who we are, the curriculum and the fees, visit

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All-in-One Website for Lighthouse Ministries Discipleship Bible School

The Discipleship Bible School website is now an all-in-one stop for students. So what does this mean? You sign up on the website as a new student, you can download your study material, and you can find all the information you need on payment fees, FAQ’s, who we are and so on.

Also on the website students will be able to listen (on a computer or a phone) to audio recordings of the study material for Discipleship Level One, Deliverance Level One and the Work of the Holy Spirit. These recordings do not replace the study material but is an additional resource to be equipped and empowered.

Also on the site, by clicking on the Supporting Teachings and also Videos to Equip tab, you will find some wonderful additional teachings to further equip, empower and strengthen the student on their spiritual walk. The written teachings are compiled by Shepherds Global Classroom.

Also on the site are the Re-Forma Outcomes. This is an additional resource of existing pastors or spiritual leaders to be further equipped and assessed for ministry. Visit

For more information on the school or if are interested to study, visit

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Remember, you study online, at your own pace and time.  So welcome, and be blessed.  Here your journey begins of fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28 in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.